Wedding Venues and Homes for your Guests

Couples these days are increasingly drawn to unique wedding sites that offer both privacy and an opportunity for maximum personalization. The privacy factor is definitely a big draw—at a private property you can close the gate and have the location all to yourself. It’s almost like home. For couples who want every element to sing in perfect harmony, a private Luxury Home or property makes that possible.

Home Destinations can help you find that perfect place for your wedding and your reception.  If you are looking for other accommodation for your special guest besides a hotel, we can also help you find the perfect home(s) for your family and friends. For weddings, San Miguel de Allende is simply the ideal location to create an intimate and loving atmosphere in which to celebrate your nuptials. Through the assistance of our onsite concierge staff and knowledgeable agents, we will ensure you have a thoroughly memorable stay and wedding experience.